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For Teachers and Paraprofessionals

Teachers are paraprofessionals are often unsure of which session they should attend.

First Responder Course:

If you are interested in learning about what autism is, how to respond to someone with autism, how to interact with them and communicate with them, then a First Responder session is for you.

Caregiver Course:

If, however, you know all about autism and have been working with children or adults on the spectrum for awhile, then the Caregiver session is for you. This session focuses on how to keep the person on the spectrum safe. This is a good course for teachers and aides who want to partner with the parents of their special needs children and adults in keeping those individuals safe within the home, classroom, and community.

NOTE: The Caregiver Course assumes that the audience has a working knowledge of what autism is. If you are not familiar with autism and are hoping to learn more about it, please attend the First Responder course.

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