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Resources for Medical Professionals

Patient Management

Care of Patient with ASD by General Physician (PDF)

Caring for Children and Adolescents with Autism Who Require Challenging Procedures (PDF)

Child's Challenging Behavior Scale (PDF)

Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities (PDF)

Improving Healthcare Outcomes for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities (PDF)



What You Should Know About Me (PDF)

Today's Visit (PDF)

Health Assessment and History Form (PDF)

Behavioural Problems and Emotional Concerns Assessment in Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDF)


Clinician Resources

CDC Autism Information (Link to CDC)

Autism Case Training for Physicians (Link to CDC Course)

AAP Resources (Link to AAP)

Coding Facts for Pediatricians (PDF)

Common Medicines Used In Autism (PDF)

Association for Science In Autism Treatment (Link to ASAT)

Interactive Autism Network Reports on Various Topics (Bullying, Elopment, Girls with ASD, Family Stress, Affect on Siblings, Treatments, Special Diets, Co-Occuring Conditions, etc.)

Wandering and Autism Report (PDF)

The Autism Diagnosis Observation Schedule-Generic: Measure of Social and Communication Deficits in Autism (PDF)

Screening Questionnaire for Aspergers and High Functioning Autism in School Age Children (PDF)


Diagnostic Screening Info & Tools

Autism Symptoms and Early Signs (Link to

Pediatric Developmental Flow Chart (PDF)

DSM 5 Diagnostic Criteria (PDF)

Q-CHAT-10 Quick Autism Survey for Toddlers (PDF)

CCBS-DP Infant-Toddler Checklist (PDF)

M-CHAT-R Autism Screening Tool (PDF)

Children Asperger and High Functioning Autism Screening Tool (CAST) (PDF)

Australian Asperget Screening Tool for Children (PDF)

Australian Asperget Screening Tool for Adults (PDF)

More Downloadable Screening Tests from the Autism Research Center (Like to ARC)


Tool Kits

AAP Autism Resource Toolkit for Clinicians (Link to AAP)

Kennedy Healthcare for Persons with IDD Toolkit for PCPs (Link to VKC)

Blood Draw Tool Kit for Providers (Link to Autism Speaks)

Dental Professionals' Tool Kit (Link to Autism Speaks)


Resources to Give to Parents

The First 100 Days (Link to Autism Speaks)

Asperger Syndrome and High Functioning Autism Tool Kit (Link to Autism Speaks)

Handling an Emergency - Guidelines for Caregivers (PDF)

Seizure Tips for Caregivers (PDF)

Exploring Feeding Behavior in Autism (Link to Autism Speaks)

Safe and Careful Use of Medication in Autism (Link to Autism Speaks)

Introduction to Behavioral Modification/Treatment Therapies (Link to Autism Speaks)

Guide to Toilet Training (Link to Autism Speaks)

Guide to Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) (Link to Autism Speaks)

Sleep Tool Kit (Link to Autism Speaks)

Visual Supports (Link to Autism Speaks)

Blood Draw Tool Kit for Parents (Link to Autism Speaks)

Deciding Whether or Not to Try/Use Medications (Link to Autism Speaks)